A heads up on your daily commute - instant train delays and weather information


Android application

Development time

  • 1 month (15.06.2015 ~ 15.07.2015)
  • including idea, concept, design and technical realisation


  • parse.com as backend service
  • Combining ekidata.jp dataset with custom crawled information
    • from wikipedia for English names and colours
    • from TrainFrontView for train line images
    • scripts written in Ruby using Nokogiri and few other gems
  • Weather information from forecast.io api
  • crawling official train delay information every 15 minutes using kimonolabs, and pushing the results to a custom parse.com cloud code endpoint
  • Twitter integration and crash reporting using fabric.io
  • Fonts instead of image assets for weather icons (meteocons) and status icons (generated at fontello)


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