mootools 1.3 cheat sheet

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They did it again! Major Update visited the mootools library and brought a bunch of improvements. His Sidekick „Slick“ is ready for hardcore performace action under the hood. For you to not loose track of all changes print out this handy sheet and be prepared!

For your coding pleasure, I just updated my cheat sheet to the new revision. This time i finally managed to document Core AND some assorted More-Plugins.

Grab your copy as long as it’s fresh!

Download as PDF

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Contains documentation for Mootools Core (Browser, Class, Object, String, Function, Array, Number, Event, Element, Fx, Request, Swiff, Json) and Mootools More (Fx.Slide, Drag, Drag.Move, Extended Types, Asset, Date with a brief explanation of format keys, URI and more).

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